Citizen journalism is a term used that basically describes the public being active members in the making of news stories. I first came across the term when reading a book edited by Stuart Allan. I think that technology has been an amazing tool in the race to make things more transparent and ‘fair.’

Examples of citizen journalism have been seen all over the world from; the Egyptian revolution to the recent Royal wedding. Twitter and Facebook are seen to be the main factors in the revolution in Egypt and has helped a passive audience to become more active and I had to laugh when I seen ‘Russell Howard’s good news’ and heard him talk about how within hours there was a ‘Pippa Middleton ass appreciation society’ page on Facebook!

What does this mean for the future of journalism though? Is it right for journalists to rely on information that is put up on twitter? Should we basically rely on ‘hear say?’

I personally have the opinion that everything is good in moderation; it has potential but needs to be controlled. Mobile phones seem to be the main advantage for me. We have been able to bring quite a few people to justice and see the truth about what happens by people getting there mobile phones out and recording what is happening around them. I recently heard a story about a man who wanted to make a protest against the Royal family; it was a peaceful protest away from the Royal Wedding and he had informed the police of everything he was going to do. Eventhough this was the case the police went down on the day and arrested him and man-handled him. His wife had recorded everything that had happened as proof of what they did to him. There was also the man who got killed by the police officer at the protest; thanks to mobile phones, evidence was provided that showed the abuse the man received and the culprit was brought to justice.

What are your opinion on citizen journalism? What is the future for it?

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I am having a battle with myself. Part of me is starting to come round to the ideas of social media (in a general sense) but I am still not sure in relation to PR. I can see how social media has brought people together from all over the world through social networks like; Facebook, Skype, MSN, etc, and that I think is something good.

Social media have give a once silent majority a voice, all people see this as a good thing but is it? Social media has also given way to people putting false information up for their own personal reasons and it has also given way to those who just really shouldn’t be heard.

I was thinking back to the recent ‘burning of the Qur’an’ situation in America. I can’t help but feel that if social media wasn’t as present as it is there wouldn’t have been such an issue; people around the world wouldn’t really have known about it and the hate, anger and anguish that occurred because of ONE man’s opinions wouldn’t have happened.

In terms of PR I can see the benefit; it allows you to reach a much broader audience in a much more efficient way, but I don’t think that social media should be the ONLY form of PR. I remember back to a comment made by Phil Young about how ‘all PR is online PR’ and I have to agree but not be happy about it.

I got into PR because of the likes of Edward Bernays. His smoking campaign (below) and President profiles were something to be amazed by; granted I don’t necessarily agree with the ’causes’ but I do appreciate the technical skill behind his work. Now I feel that we are loosing  that excitement in PR; it just doesn’t seem fun anymore.

I was also basically advised that if I don’t know the in’s and out’s of social media then I wouldn’t really be in with a chance in the PR sector. Is this fair? Should I be discriminated against because I don’t have a great love of social media? Should I be pushed into a corner and accept defeat or fight my corner? I think back to Mars Dorian’s comments in his article about having ‘attitude‘ in your blogs and how you should have your own opinion, but is that really a possibility. We’re all so scared into saying ‘yes sir, no sir, 3 bags full sir,’ that we actually forget that we have our own opinions!

I don’t know, maybe I’m just being nostalgic about the ‘good old days!’

What do you think? Is social media ruining PR? Or am I just living in a dream world and not realising what is right and wrong?

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I just read this article on twitter by Mars Dorian. He talks about how people should just say what they actually feel and not keep worrying about what others think! He gives advice on how to make your online presence successful. It put a smile on my face.

It’s true what he says, we spend our time trying to please everyone that we completely kill our own personalities. We all have opinions, that’s what makes us individual. If we all just turn into sheep’s how can we stand out from the crowd, like he says; in order to be professional you don’t have to lose yourself!!! Thanks Dorian 🙂

Enjoy the article and let me know what you think:

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Recently I have talked about social media from a PR point of view. Social media are also used by the general public. Social media have allowed people from all walks of life to express themselves in any way they like. It has given a voice to the masses and a global access too!

This video was quite funny and reminded me that anyone can do what they like and the shear possibilities social media has! Enjoy… 🙂

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I read this article on twitter by the MD of Digital at Edelman for EMEA Marshall Manson and thought that some people might be interested:

It’s an article about PR having an inferiority complex and how we need to worry less about the ‘labels’ that are given to us. He says a lot of good things that I think people feel but don’t actually say. Enjoy! 🙂

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When I watched the we are the future video again I remembered that Phil showed us the ‘voice over’ versions aswell. They were quite funny.

These kind of video’s have opened a gateway for the marketing and PR people everywhere. The principle is that the original video is used and then other companies use those video’s to promote/advertise their own products. They either use voice overs or subtitles to get their message across.  An example of this is the ‘we are the future video.’ Phd worldwide wanted to use it to create debate about what the future of PR and Marketing was but instead it became popular for the wrong reasons; for want of a better word it became hated! 

Although this was the case, other companies such as; Durex, bn biscuits and many more, used the video to promote their own products in a lighthearted, fun manner. The Durex advert, which I personally felt was cruel, was the only example I could access at the minute so here it is:

I think that this is a great idea and whoever thought of it should be proud (the idea of using other videos to promote your own product, not the Durex advert!). It’s cost-effective (a price I like) and fun aswell!

Can you find any examples of it? I would love to see them if you do.

Until next time… 🙂

I was think about the recent elections that took place and remembered back to the main elections. At the time I had done a blog in the run up to the elections to help me decide who to vote for. I came to the conclusion to vote for Nick Clegg because I wanted change and felt like the ‘underdog’ should have his day (first and last time i make that mistake; didn’t think the underdog would turn into the devil’s spawn!)

At the time I remember David Cameron’s attempt to woo the public by chasing the ‘younger’ vote. I personally felt that he looked like an idiot; he looked like an old man trying to be ‘down with the kids.’ He didn’t appeal to me at all! What do you think? I feel that this was an example of when social media could be used but shouldn’t have been used.

He had cameras in his house, Brown was on ‘mumsnet’ and Clegg was doing God knows what.

After thinking about this I also remembered a video that Phil Young (my lecturer) had shown the class. It was a marketing video done by a marketing company called Phd. For me this is a great example of when social media should not be used just because it is an option. When you don’t understand something, you should let it be. The video is called we are the future, now whilst you’re watching this remember that it is called we are the FUTURE… you’ll see what I mean (I’ll explain after you’ve watched the video)

WOW! This is the future? I can’t wait! They made me feel like it was all already possible… oh wait, it IS all already possible!

Bad use of social media, bad use of marketing, bad marketing company!

Until next time… 🙂

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